Best Season to Visit Orlando Attractions

No wonder Orlando is the best place for your adventurous holidays all year but here we bring some of the best timing in the year to visit the Place. As if you are planning a big exploration to hit trip than plan in the best season. The best season what we expect is when as a guest you would face minimum number of people and best of the Orlando climate. Favors of climate vary from person to person some would go for chill winters and some like rainy season and also some teens want to spend summers on Orlando beaches.


It’s more fun if you plan to spend holiday events at Orlando. The eventful nights and day celebrations in Orlando are world famous and are like nowhere else worldwide. So plan wisely, that you can make out most from your Orlando vacation trip. From ghastly fun Halloween nights to other joyful events of fall everything is so exciting in Orlando.

Like any other vacation destination in world Orlando is expansive in off days, like holidays of Christmas, Veterans day, spring vacations, winter holidays, Halloween, New year celebrations, Easter, labor day and independence day. All these festive celebrations considered to be on peak days when Orlando already flooded by locals. In these days Orlando’s Disney theme parks host special eventual days and night which you can join if you want some memorable sights in life.

There is equal support to summers and winters. You can find gaps and places in summer off crowd to relax and cool yourself and similarly there are exciting no so spooky Halloween nights that can keep you warms even in chill winter night.

Orlando never went off season it have peak and off peak days but as the worlds most visited hotspot vacation destination you will always find you place for fun. Its hyper active season include

  • May till mid of August include the season of summer vacations and is the busiest season when Orlando became busy and expansive. Tough, the reason behind is both the American and British children went on holidays and places are crowded than all the year
  • From mid of August to September is said to be the most pleasant season with minimum crowd of people.
  • If you want an ideal timing then Oct to December would be your option.
  • Some people prefer May and June when summer is arriving after Easter celebrations as it is said to be the best season by some visitors.

To have some unique and exciting experience you can visit Orlando during festival celebrations. Orlando host exciting eventful celebrations which you must attend. So it’s good to do some internet surfing and check some upcoming events and exciting things that the city aims to host. There are some spotted holidays that are celebrated in Orlando every year;

  • Christmas is celebrated all over America with religious spirit and special delights. In Orlando Christmas in more ceremonious way. All theme parks goes in possessions, parties and other Christmas decorations. Orlando started its festival celebrations days before and you can find an air and taste of Christmas in the air and treats of Orlando from November. Also you can spot Christmas trees and Santa everywhere wishing you Marry Christmas!
  • As the span moves New Year celebrations are next to Christmas, you can enjoy charismatic fireworks, music, treats and drinking. The firework in Orlando is the best sight that no one should miss
  • Independence Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day’s celebrations are also significant. Firework light up the sky in Independence Day and you will experience military parades and mass rallies in Orlando in these days’ celebrations.

There are unlimited celebrations in Orlando throughout the year other than national and religious event but the worth watching events are Halloween and Mardi Gras. Both are lively celebrated and massively attended and are the most entertaining events in Orlando. In February and sometime March Mardi Gras is celebrated with colors in the streets, there are concerts, music nights, street performance and parades of locals everywhere Orlando seem more alive during the celebrations. Second event is Halloween celebrated in Orlando and the Disney theme parks host weeks of spooky and haunted setup and the festival celebrated till November. Other celebration includes food delights, wine, sports and art celebrations which you can attend according to your taste and interest.

Orlando’s Geographical location blessed the land with all the four seasons with ideal timing and intensity. The average annual temperature of the place is about 22 C. The place experience sunny weather mostly so have rainfall in summers. However winters are mostly dry and cold.

Its Hot and humid from May to August. Sometime humidity increases as the place is close to water and mostly you’ll catch rain in afternoon. Spring and autumn also are warm and sunny but not hot. November to February that is said to be winters are not that freezing but nights can be slightly cold. So plan your ideal time in accordance to favorable temperature also don’t forget to check out the rainfall grid before planning.

Choose a time with warm temperature and the time when there is low probability of rainfall. April and November are expect for minimum rainfall where as June has the most showers. Overall October is said to be the best month to plan your vacation not only in terms of climate but also number of other reasons.

Summer is said to be hot and humid and are more prone to rainfall but still the climate can’t stop visitors to plan their vacations in Florida. The families with children visit Florida especially Orlando because children has summer holidays as for youngsters, they are more likely to enjoy on beaches and Disney water slides and enjoy water surfing. For elders’ summers is never an option as sometimes it would take more than 2 hours line waiting for any ride in park. The average temperature measured is above 90 Fahrenheit.

Winter is awful for beaches and swimming but is the most ideal season for theme parks and attending festival events and other land explorations including Arts and sports activities. Winter have low chances of rainfall so you can enjoy golf during the season. Also Halloween and Christmas is the part of winter festivals so if you plan your trip in winters you would be able to bring out maximum from Orlando. The sunshine city Orlando is said to be have warm winters in general terms.

Same is the temperature in spring and chances of rainfall are same as that of winter so May is an ideal of all. Spring festivals are so colorful and are best for your children if they got spring break. Spring is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. But keep in mind the climate condition is not perfectly the same there is moderate rainfall and the world climate change switching the climate of the place and in near future more rainfall is expected. Although the average temperature of remains 80 Fahrenheit during the days and 60 F at night.

The best season to plan your visit is May and November as it is the month when there are winters on exit and summers starting so you can visit beach destinations. There is less expectancy of rainfall and temperature is moderate to stand in the line for rides. Must keep in mind that the more hot and humid climate is more prone to rain so June to August is worst time to visit Orlando. Also another factor you need to know is that Orlando is in interior states and hence the temperature is hotter than of close costal lines. Most of the regular Visitors also suggest you the mild summer as in May and November.


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