How to Set a Long Term Holiday Vacation Budget to Stay in Orlando FL

Vacations bring fun and freshness but planning a long term holiday vacation budget can be a dismay. There is no shortage of rentals at Florida. Even if planning for Orlando theme parks, the city have enough accommodation options you may need in regards to budget, location and type but not only Orlando all the Florida has plenty of accommodation options for its visitors.

Selection of location and type of your home away rental are the major things need to sort out especially when planning for long term holiday. Things need be kept in mind while choose a rental the attractions it offers around, dining and shopping options in the area. Luxury or comfortable rental must be hired. Here compiled some long term stay rentals that provide you with best services, location and attractions around. Whatever the reason for you long stay either you are aiming any short language course, working on any office project or need a change, our tips and suggestions will help you plan a budget friendly trip to Florida.


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First of all, plan in advance for airline tickets and for the purpose visit websites offering discounts. You’ll find enough discount and deals in holiday season like in summers. You can combine and compare different airline easily and got the best deal. Travel light to save max at air affairs as for now airlines cost extra bags more. Also use the same airport for landing and takeoff it could cost same and always cheaper as you’ll hire same car rental for the purpose.


Secondly consider your Drive option, most of the home away spots offers free shuttle services to theme parks as especially in Orlando. Other than Orlando for other parts of Florida Be specific with car rentals and choose a standard car rental. One way car rental rentals cost double most of the time. Check out the size of the cars, look for extra or special seats if need and don’t forget to check out for hidden charges. Some car rentals have area restrictions. Confirm all the things before catching the keys. Put cabs to the last option it’s the laziest mean of traveling take trains and other public transport, they’ve very cheap rates.


Dinning in restaurants and cafes is costly and only appreciated when your stay is limited. Long term holiday vacation demands you to plan your meal well. If need to eat from outside plan before leaving. Select an economical restaurant with great taste. Cook yourself, cooking on vacation not only lowered your budget expanses also is a fun. Especially avoid breakfast from cafes.


Stay at town next door.. yes! It’s the best tip for long term stay renters. Mostly the small towns close to the actual hit spots are less expansive for example if you are u for vacations at Orlando you can plan to stay at Kissimmee or any other city close. Else if staying in a resort or lodge in the city and already have a reservation ask for free upgrades like you would consider change the rental if get free night or any such other offer.

Airboat Rides

Go for suits instead of additional rooms for kids and extra members. They’ll end up cheaper and more space for the family. Most important while renting ask for any extra charges the hotel or suit or villa have like extra parking charges, cleansing charges, crib rental etc.

Here are some budget friendly vacation rentals you can try

-One bed holiday villa in Okaloosa island Florida

-Posh south beach, Miami

-Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort, Daytona beach

-Florida log cabin Lakefront

-Sparrow hawk House, Old Florida

-Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, Miami

-Red coconut RV Resort, Fort Myers beach

-Paw Paw’s Place on the Suwannee River near Branford

Universal resort Orlando (not that cheap but seasonal offers and discount rates on entries and fun ride make it more budget friendly)

All these rentals offers long term stay at low rates and renters respond 100% positive after paying visit to these Homes Away. Every rental offers shopping and dining options on footsteps for you. The suburbs of Orlando and all the Florida have plenty of attractions to explore. Stay close to Disney world or at any other close town explore as much as you want and get to know the history of Florida’s world famous vocational spots.


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