CONDO VS APARTMENT: Differences and Advantages

Apartments are the type of living homes which most of the people used to think about renting. Whereas a condominium also shortened as condo for convenience is referred as residential building is a form of multifaceted real type tenure. Condominiums are the dwellings which are collectively comprise a house owner’s association owned by individuals.


If we have to define the difference between a condo and an apartment, the very simple explanation will be that, a condo is a type of house that is owned individually whereas an apartment building is owned by a single owner.

While you are thinking about to have a living place to rent, people often thought about renting an apartment but very few of them would prefer the renting of a condo.   Both apartment and condo are lookalike same at the very first glance and one may not be able to make a difference between them but there is a difference in living between the both. There are some of the benefits of each type of dwelling and also the differences between them from renter’s perspective.


Renting an apartment or a condo, both are smart choices and both has often similar prices but condo can be placed on one level above apartment due to the plus point that you will receive as part of your monthly rental payment. In condo buildings, most utilities are included which will save you  from some serious cash. But beside it, a little downside of renting a condo is that you will have to pay some extra charges or fees. The charges are either for the freight elevator or for administrative tasks which you will not have to pay while renting an apartment condos also preferred to be rented because of their nice clean finishing and higher end appliances than most apartments do. But the issue is with the price, surely you first have to look at your budget and decide what you can afford is either a condo or apartment.

Generally apartments are more managed than condos because they are designed by professional companies. They take care of this fact while managing the place that this living must give you a peace of mind and you will not have any sort of potential issues. On the other hand, as condos are handled and managed by individuals who own that condo so there may be many sorts of issues which are hard to handle. If the owner of the condo is outside the town or is unavailable due to some reason, than there is a problem in the maintenance issues. There are some condos which may be professionally managed by manager companies so in these cases, renter can have a advantage of not to pay extra charges and can also enjoy the peace of mind and a good reasonable environment to live.

Usually, condo amenities are less likely to be better than the apartment amenities but this is always not the case though. Sometimes, a condo building with a lots of amenities give the building a luxury feel with all along the advantages of condo living.

Whether you rent a condo or an apartment, you should see your comfort living standard within your family budget.


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