LEGOLAND Florida a place for Mums and Kids

Apart from theme parks in Orlando LEGOLAND is a place for Lego lovers and must be visited by families. LEGOLAND is a place where you will find busy kids and free and enjoying mums. The lace is no cheap than Disney theme parks it cost nearly the same as Florida famous beaches and Mickey’s world. LEGOLAND is located in slight south to Orlando it’s a drive of about 45 minutes from Magic kingdom. Trip to LEGOLAND Florida is a complete fun place for you and your kids and being a Lego lover you must visit the place soon you got free days.

These are plenty of attractions in LEGOLAND where you can pay tour with kids. The most amusing one which you can visit during your summer holidays is LEGOLAND Florida Water ark. To keep you cool in hot summer days in central Florida there is no other water channel that keep your summer gloom. Before you plan for water arks of Orlando here is an advise water parks in Orlando are good for summers but if you are planning your tri in winter than LEGOLAND water ark is best that seems more like green field or what we can say Heaven of winter. If you are staying in LEGOLAND Florida resort you got access to their water ark for free. Both the arks are on pretty cute size but you can’t visit both in a day and don’t even try to do so..
In addition like all other arks there are plenty of rides for kids of all ages and for mums as well. The famous rides of the ark are Duo village for kids age 1 to 5 year kids the new up gradation make it Duplo village tot sot and the slash and lay, Lego city Jr. Driving School that also with amusement educated children, Quest for China ride is for big kids and is a complete fun ride. Another spot of interest for kids is Technic Techicycle for physical push-ups and a Build and Test Center at the Imagination Zone for Mental exercise where kids built Lego cars and other building things.
LEGOLAND now celebrates different exciting festivals. These days in October the Halloween celebrations are at its peak. Special intimidating Halloween event Built For Kids organized where Brick or Treat presented by butterfly arrange not so scary fun and amusement at LEGOLAND Florida.

The LEGOLAND Halloween Brick or Treat party 2o16 is already on the scene. The main attraction of the arty at Lego enlisted creepy, slightly spooky and brick fighting activities. The opening hours also extended during Halloween season so kids can have loads of fun during their visit. The brick or treat event need no special expanses and celebrated every weekend of October and also on Monday. Gallery of monster under dim lights pull a full Halloween scene where you would have enchanting selfies for your instagram or snap chat or for Facebook. Halloween theme firework show is also an appealing art of the season. Over all the October in LEGOLAND is a complete fun package for families with kids.
Other festival celebrated is Marlin Magic Wand Fun Festival for kids. The festival is a charity one in terms that it celebrates and support special kids the, VIP kids. Here the nonprofit NGO work for special kids and their families and help by providing assistance and special education for the kids. Also all the programs offered here are free of cost just for the purpose of serving humanity.
Attractive event of September 216 is LEGOLAND Florida Star Wars Day. The Lego Club resented the Star Wars Days celebrations in which kids examine the hardcopy visuals of the famous star wars saga. The MINILAND display models of 1.5 million Lego bricks. There you discover famous scene of three episodes A New Hoe, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi…. All well famous among kids.
LEGOLAND Florida recently announces its new expansion 2o16 and 2o17. This new plan is said to be the largest expansion done before in the LEGOLAND Florida. In 2o17 everything becomes more fun.
The new entry in the LEGOLAND water ark is Creative Cove where kids can design and contest their own Lego boats and can have real fun. The ark expect an additional ticket for entry, the lace also have sitting area and new additional slides for family.
Another new entry for kids is LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS series in 4D it’s a battle series. The special effects by the combination of 3D and 4D technology make the visuals more lively and entertaining.
Night Lights added this summer is also an amazing magical experience. Kids can stay up till late nights in these exciting Night Lights.
A next year plan contain Lego NINJAGO World set which no wonder add adventure of LEGOLAND world. In LEGO NINJAGO world guests can sustain in their ninja fame and fight like ninjas during the ride.
Along with these a new 8oplus building would be added next year that is 2o17 that would enhance the accommodation at LEGOLAND Florida.
If your old kids want to skip LEGOLAND as it would be more for young kids so no need to worry there are plenty of spots around LEGOLAND Florida where your kids can enjoy all day. All these laces are close to a mini drive from LEGOLAND resort.
Firstly there is an Amy’s party Store which is sudden next to LEGOLAND Florida resort almost only .3 miles away. The tings especially food is expansive in the resort no wonder they serve pretty well but you can try outside. The store have lots of interesting things you can buy. It has name suggested have all the decoration things for the arty either for Halloween or for Christmas. Also at Andy’s drive in Restaurant have tasty food for you. The best of the lace is Staked jumbo burger along with Fruit Salad and a glass of milk shake. Feel free at the place the atmosphere is very offhand.
And for sweet delight you can buy from Webbs candy. After the meal you must be looking something that can keep your elder child busy and entertained Indigos Bowling, Billiards and Games will be the best choice. The lace is pleasure and fun for all the family member or for teens and adults equally. There is drinking, bowling and adventure in a single place. There are 5o craft beers for drinks along with 1o Tables and 7 TV screens for those who avoid bowling. For gaming there are 1o lane bowling alley for the bowling lovers.
Chain of lakes is a perfect picnic spot. The place is magnificent sight where 12 water canals joins fresh water lake. You can do boating and fishing there. Sending a day at chain of lakes will be a great fun and you can also find different creature birds and aquatic life. Along with that wild life mobility make the lace more sightful and inviting. Also for wildlife photographer the lace is of great interest. You are provided with binoculars and casting net on demand. Mainly you can see crawfish, egrets and frogs. There are also three restaurants on the spot for dinning.
For adults there is a lace of interest outside LEGOLAND Florida resort you can come downtown to the famous wine hub Grape Expectations Arabellas Ristorante. This place of winter haven offer famous Italian and Mediterranean taste of cuisine. Along with that you can find any of your favorite taste of wine.
Theatre Winter Haven a lace you can visit while your stay in LEGOLAND Florida resort. The lace is less than 3 miles from the resort. This community theater is old and push you back in classic American period. You can also listen to orchestra at the lace that fill the surrounding with melody. The place is old but the seats are comfy. So do visit if you are interested.
As for hotels in Winter Haven other than LEGOLAND Florida resort you can check out other laces.
There is Hampton Inn Winter Haven a luxury hotel that have breakfast buffet in morning and also free Wi-Fi internet to stay in touch in social media while vacations. Also there is Holiday Inn Winter Haven offers its visitors complimentary scheduled convince to for LEGOLAND Florida so you can save on parking by skipping to bring your own ride. Orlando World Center MARRIOTT is a giant luxury hotel where there is a lot to do in leisure time, like gaming a G.R.I.D. huge game room with Xbox is there for your entertainment also there are amusing water playground inside the resort. Other include Lake Roy Beach Inn, American Best Value Inn Winter Haven etc. all these hotels of the city provide you services.
There are different packages for the visitors. On peak days like on Holidays and summer vacations the rate in Orlando rises. It’s good to book your resort or any lace of stay months before as soon as any discounted offer hit the market it is the best way to send wisely and save money.


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