Doral city was subsume on 24 June 2003.Total area of this city is 15 square meter. It has strapping population growth and low unemployment rate. This city embrace almost 6,000 new residents from 2010 to 2013.Doral recommended best place to invest in real estate so you can generate vacation homes business here. Total population of Doral is 47,076 with 3.44 market health score. Here buyers have to pay $ 174 per square foot.

Bal Harbour:

Population of Bal Harbour is 2,569.It is the most exorbitant location to invest as its average sales price is $ 340 per square foot. It holds a healthy 8.66 market score.


Homestead has the population of 61,714.Over the past few years, 56% of its home rise its value. Average sale price in this city is $ 79.42 per square foot. Its healthy market score is 5.39

Miami Lakes:

In Miami Lakes buyer have huge advantage in investing as 57% of its houses swell value over the past 10 years. They pay $ 152 per square foot for a house. Its population is 29,866 and its market health score is 4.87.


With the passage of time this city has rapid increase in population. It holds position in top 20 lowest prices areas. Here you only have to pay $ 61 per square foot with market health score of 0.18 and its population is 7,939.

Hialeah Gardens:

Those buyers who want a rapid turnaround on their investment this place is like a goldmine for them. The population of Hialeah garden is 22,136 with 9.55 market health score.


The population of Aventura increases 7.51% since 2010.Average sales price of house in Aventura is $ 227 per square foot. It is located in Northeastern Miami Dede country .Market health score of Aventura is 4.60 with the population of 36,307.

Pine crest:

The tiny village of Pinecrest, is located in Miami Dede country. It takes second most extortionate investing area with the price of $ 260 per square foot. Its population is 18,619 and market health score is 6.81.

Cape Coral:

The highest population of Cape Coral is about 158,415 residents. Cape Coral is located in Lee country. Average sale price here is $ 96 per square foot. Market health score of Cape Coral is 7.41.

Winter Garden:

Beautiful place near Orlando turns into strong real estate market. Population of Winter Garden grew over 13%. Population of Winter Garden is 35,750 and its market health is  3.55.Price per square foot here is $ 10.


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