Saint Petersburg Florida

Saint Petersburg is the city of Russia and is the second largest city of the country after Moscow. The city has the population of about five million according to the study survey of 2010. St. Petersburg is a very important Russian port on the Baltic Sea. The city is the most modernized and westernized city of Russia and is also the cultural capital of country. Saint Petersburg is famous because of having a large number of international companies, foreign consulates, banks, business sites and offices. The city is the home to The Hermitage which is among the largest art museum in the world. The city also has the Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and related Groups of Monuments that makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Due to having a rich history and culture, Saint Petersburg is considered as a busy tourist’s attraction and is a highly alluring tourist destination. Saint Petersburg is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site as a place with 36 historical architectural complexes and having about 4000 amazing individual monuments of architecture, culture and history. New tourist programs and sightseeing tours have been developed for those people who wish to visit Saint Petersburg’s cultural heritage.

Saint Petersburg is substantial in its history. The city has 221 museums, more than 80 theaters, 100 concert organizations, 45 galleries 62 cinemas, 200 libraries, exhibition halls and 80 other cultural sites. The city hosts around 100 festivals every year and numerous art and culture events including 50 international festivals.
Besides the instability of the economy of city in 1990’s, not a single major theater was closed in fact, many new theaters were opened. The city is not only a visiting spot from historical point of view as it has Hermitage Museum and the Russian Museum with its rich collection of Russian art but also it has the palaces of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, known as small town museums.

Saint Petersburg has a spunky musical life and it is now hosting many local as well as international carnivals.
Sport is also a major part of Saint Petersburg’s culture. The city natives have a great interest towards sports and games and that is the reason that the city has hosted many sport festivals and game events. It was the part of association football tournament during the 1980 Summer Olympics. In 994, the Goodwill Games also held over here.

What is more important than food in your life? Especially when you are in a country or a city to visit it or when you want to explore the best meals a place can offer. Saint Petersburg offers you a lot to taste and admire. Saint Petersburg is notorious and really eminent about its typical traditional Russian food. Foods like pelmeni and blini will surely make your day. Russian cuisine is extremely divine and diverse and had its origin in late centuries. Russians are very much specified about their eating and food is very important to them as the take it as a sign of their wealth, health, social status and peace in the family.
As the second largest city of Russia, the main language of the city is Russian. People used to speak and communicate in Russian language. There are very few people who can speak English so if you are in Saint Petersburg, you might have a little bit problem while communicating with the shopkeepers or locals.


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